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About Derwas Security

Derwas security was established in 2011. With security clearance and license no. (310), from the General Security at the Ministry of Interior. It carries a trade register to provide security escorts and a commercial register to provide import, sale, installation, processing and maintenance of various security services. Derwas security took over from Riyadh city, Internal.

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who are Derwas ?

The Brave boy and the great lion, Derwas bin Habib the brave boy in the time of the Prince of believers Hisham bin Abd el Malik.

Our vision

To have the security Derwas integrated security system according to administrative and technical plans and field to achieve the global efficiency of work and that the system of international quality in the security service is the approach of every individual and a citizen in Derwas security.

Our goals

We hope that Derwas Security will be in line with the era and the vision of a global development that achieves the vision of the homeland 2030 in the field of security, safety, community service, homeland and citizen.